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Social Reform in our own Backyard

There is nothing in this world more lasting and strong than the tender heart of a loving and caring mother. We are bombarded with media telling us otherwise. Family is at the heart of the Native American culture and mothers are at the center of that heart.


The effect and influence she brings to her children is profound and beyond measure. Mothers stabilize and unify a family in many ways. They see and hear their children with their hearts. With intuition and special internal gifts they nurture their children to be productive adults.

Never question or doubt the importance of being a mother. Their life experience tells us that those mothers who remember to communicate and interact with her children will mold and shape them into who they are today.

No social reform program works better than a woman who knows her calling as a mother. They are better than any behavioral health specialist as they know what is necessary to encourage, teach and motivate their children to goodness. It is hard work for sure, but good mothers understand the sacrifice that is necessary to help their children grow and learn. Mothers know with persistent direction of loving and leading, their children will know their purpose in life to raise their own children.

Many women of all cultures are strong, understand their calling as mother and define themselves in this ennobling endeavor. They model themselves after their own mothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers. Their influence comes from the divine within and they are entrusted with this sacred calling to help those they are given as children.

In the past, our ancestors have always understood the necessity of teaching their children to gain knowledge and skills for their survival. It is no different in our modern world. Mothers have the tools to teach the importance of education and encourage her children to play an active role in the community.

Service in the home has a great effect on all who live there. When mothers learn to serve others, they become real to us. Our children know they are loved and they will always have a special place in their mother's hearts.


Today, we live in a complex world and mothers have the power to uplift and inspire their children to be better. As mothers teach their children sound principles of being courteous, kind, and honest, these children will become more courageous, strong and self-reliant which is an investment for their future. 

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