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The family unit is indeed the cornerstone of any thriving society. It is within the family that values, traditions, and essential life skills are passed down from generation to generation. The strength and stability of the family directly impact the well-being and progress of a community or nation.


The International Association of Families (IAF) has been created as NAFFA’s sister organization to focus on worldwide programs promoting the deep sacredness of fatherhood  and motherhood.

 Albert M. Pooley
Founder and President of 
Native American Fatherhood and Families Association
International Association of Families

International Association of Families Team

Albert M. Pooley was born to the Hopi and Navajo Native American cultures growing close to both cultures on the reservation where the love of a father taught him outstanding life lessons. From his early youth he witnessed the struggles and challenges of his people, and his heart was filled with the desire to help.

In 2002 Al began with just one father and the mission of bringing men back to strengthening their families after witnessing too many families being torn apart. Since then, the Arizona non-profit has strengthened relationships and families through four curricula: Fatherhood Is Sacred® Motherhood Is Sacred® (FIS/MIS), Linking Generations by Strengthening Relationships®, Addressing Family Violence & Abuse© and Suicide Prevention©.

Mr. Pooley has worked with over 420 tribes throughout North America in promoting and strengthening families in a variety of national and tribal programs that promote healthy parental involvement in creating happy and safe homes. 

As a father of six children, he appreciates the role of being a father and he finds joy in teaching principles that are relevant to his Native American culture.

Valerie Hollobaugh
International Relations Coordinator

As a self-published author and NAFFA staff member, Valerie has promoted the model of strengthening the family for over 30 years. With much determination, she has endorsed fatherhood and families through magazine articles, power points presentations and press releases nationwide and now as International Relations Coordinator brings this same determination to share positive writings of the fatherhood and family strength to the world.

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Cheryl Honnie
Director of Training

With a background in Human Resources and an advocate for the importance of family, Cheryl brings organizational and technological skills and an insight into what is needed as the Director of Training.  Her professionalism, integrity, and accountability have improved the quality of customer service and productivity which moves NAFFA forward internationally.

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Heather Woldberg
Executive Assistant

From a background in administrative work. with the airlines, Heather brings support for our NAFFA's founder and president, Albert Pooley, maintaining his calendar and correspondence, assistance in general office duties and has a bright outlook in life.

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Shanda Billy
Training Specialist

Shanda brings a wealth of knowledge of customer service and admirative duties. She works well with others and has been a great asset to NAFFA and now IAF.

Malcolm Redhair
Facilitator Coordinator

Malcolm has faced significant challenges and brings onboard not only a wealth of experience but also an inspiring story of resilience and triumph over adversity. His perseverance in helping all NAFFA facilitators has grown our organization.

Jane McCord
Grants Coordinator

Jane McCord is a native of California, went to college in Utah, and received a master’s in Public Administration from Oakland University in Michigan.         As a NAFFA grant writer, Jane brings her background in English, editing, and nonprofit management to the grant writing table. Jane's track record of winning impactful grants and contracts informs her current goal of garnering funding on behalf of NAFFA programming. She appreciates seeing how her daily duties directly contribute to NAFFA's work in educating and strengthening families across tribes, communities, and the world. 

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