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Past Webinars

Webinar: May 14, 2024
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Event List

68th Commission of the Status                                             of  Women Summit

March 11-14, 2024

Our plans to move forward:

Join with likeminded NGO's and other organizations to present the IAF Project:

 Project Name: Strengthening Social Institutions through Indigenous Practices for Peace


  1. Empowering Women and Girls through Strengthening Social Protection Systems and Institutions by way of Indigenous Experience for Peace

 We want to share this message: Welcome to our homeland! We want to sound the war cry for strengthening the institution of the family for women. We have lived in this land for hundreds of years and want to take an active role in strengthening families everywhere. The heart of the Native Americans is family.

Event: Cultural Gathering of Tribes: Performances of Native dancers in two locations:

  1. Dag Hammarskjold Plaza: An outdoor area considered the Gateway to the United Nations. Forty-Five-minute presentation of Native dances. 

  2. Salvation Army Centennial Memorial Auditorium: An hour presentation of Native Dancers with narration about strengthening families through the Native experience.

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